blehp does Collage and Animation


 When you order a collage commission you will physically receive the collage in the mail! The collages are made of bristol paper and recycled printed images, glued together with Mod Podge. 

Over complex designs will not be considered. This style of art is about simple shapes being represented by unique diverse patterns and a complex subject doesn't translate well to the concept.

When you submit your request please allow some time to receive the message and and respond with confirmation and an invoice. We may exchange a few emails before we are ready, but it will all be to make the best image. The price for commissions starts at $60 for the piece plus shipping fees. If the work is particularly more complicated and time consuming charges may increase. 

Thanks for checking out the collages!

When you commission an animation you will receive a video file (I tend to use web.m but I can encode to many file types) I will ask if you want something with or without transparency. I can loop animations (like starting soon screens or idle screens) I can do singular characters, I also can do transitions (wipes). I can come up with a concept for you but it's best if you have an idea for me to work off of, and a color scheme, and any files or imagery you want to include.

Prices are based on complexity and length (animation is time consuming to make)

Thanks for checking out the animations!

magenta texture background variant.png

Singular Character
(with transparent background)

(wipe w/transparency)

(wipe w/transparency)

(wipe w/transparency)

Idle fullscreen